Why Lean Plus by Accezz International works better than Lean

Accezz is often called in to implement a change process within a department that has previously worked with Lean. This was the case at Deventer Ziekenhuis: 

“Compared to Lean, Accezz addresses the foundations of the work situation by also changing staff behaviour. This is essential for securing changes to working practices. Accezz offers a solid foundation for and an addition to Lean,” explains Tineke Hirschler, Chairperson of the Executive Board at Deventer Hospital when Accezz was implementing its change programme.

Lean lays the foundation for Lean Plus

Lean was originally developed by Toyota and comprises a management approach that focuses on improving the quality of services by working more efficiently.

“I can relate to what Tineke says because the big difference between our Lean Plus approach and the regular Lean approach is that we ensure improvements are actually implemented on the work floor. Following our analysis, at the conclusion of which we present the suggestions for improvement, a team of consultants stays on. They spend 80 percent of their time with the employees,” adds director and founder of Accezz, Martin van der Lee.

More quality with less people at Deventer Hospital

At the C2 department of Deventer Hospital, the start of the change process certainly wasn’t without difficulties. Accezz International developed a customised planning and monitoring tool for C2. Employees provided input to indicate the number of hours required, so that a link could be established between executed activities and time spent. With this planning tool, the peaks and troughs can be forecast even within a somewhat unpredictable department such as C2. The analysis performed by Accezz led to a substantial decrease in hours and at the same time resulted in extra quality time.