What does driving style say about character?

A whole lot, if we are to go by an Accezz team building afternoon at BMW Driving Experience Slotemakers  at the Zandvoort race track on 1 July, 2014. It was one of those shimmering, hot summer days where the asphalt reflected like a Fata Morgana.

“Normally, we assist our clients’ teams in reinforcing cohesion, but now it is our turn!” said Danny Suttorp.

The Accezz team is colourful and complementary

“Naturally, our own team is also very diverse. For instance, we have people such as Adriaan and Heijn, who are really good at analysing figures and can ensure that the client’s reporting systems optimally function. At the other end, we have consultants who are real people-persons. They pick up signals on the work floor and create better atmosphere and cohesion.”

The link between Carl Jung and Zandvoort

“Swiss doctor and psychologist Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) wrote a lot on how the essence of an individual’s psyche can influence a team. It’s a theory we have seen confirmed in our work. During our lap on the race track, it was quite striking to see that the more numerical and systematic people were not afraid to take some risks but stayed neatly behind each other in a row of three cars. Does that say something about reliability? Perhaps it does. But put some people in a racing car and you better hide! I won’t mention any names, but based on Jung it is safe to state that these are the bolder and more daring personalities who are not risk or conflict averse. That is no doubt useful in our business: fires need to be extinguished when working with clients and that can’t always be done by wanting to stay pals. It is really wonderful to see our complementary traits in practice during such an afternoon on the race track.”