Health care sector

The Accezz management has over 14 years’ experience with change processes in the field of health care. In this specific sector, which is characterised by ever-increasing challenges and tighter financial frameworks, Accezz has evolved to become the partner and specialist when it comes to realising efficient, high-quality health care at lower costs.

Work processes in health care

As a company, we began by implementing behaviour changes and efficient working methods within hospital support and facilitation departments. It wasn’t long before we were asked to achieve similar efficiency improvements for primary care processes on nursing wards and with medical services. Process optimisation, properly functioning management systems and quality are certainly also of vital importance for departments serving clients.

From hospitals to nursing homes, elderly and disabled care, home care and mental health care.

Accezz soon made rapid steps into nursing homes, elderly and disabled care, home care and mental health care. At care institutions as well, operations can be structured in such a way that the quality of care remains the same or improves while costs are reduced. Improved work processes in health care are first and foremost directed towards the patient, client or resident: the quality of care always remains the focal point. With our bottom-up approach, we achieve results with both employees and management and build support throughout the entire organisation. Our proven securing methods ensure that the result is lasting.

Challenges in health care

Financial results are becoming ever more important in the health care sector, and Accezz is increasingly being called in to enable behaviour change on the work floor and at management level. The sector may require our input due to a merger or because of the need to cut costs, generate additional income or increase quality. But there are often other reasons for requesting our services. For instance, an organisation might have to respond to price pressure, declining revenues, vacancies, outsourcing, changes in care services or small-scale accommodation needs. In short: we address all challenges in a rapidly changing health care system.