Our Work

In the analysis phase, we specifically focus on what can be changed, so that service quality within your team or department is improved. We also analyse the improvement potential of your organisation in terms of quality, operational processes and financial results. We then take action with your people to implement the necessary changes and incorporate them into daily operations.


After an intake and selection procedure lasting several days, we perform a free analysis over a period of two to three weeks. Why free? It is our responsibility to convince clients that there is in fact an improvement potential. This is our investment in you! In the analysis phase, we examine all aspects of your work process. At the end of the analysis phase, we present a plan of approach that sets out financial improvement potential, ROI and an implementation proposal. We focus specifically on:
Operational processes and staff behaviour
Financial results
Management working method


Over a period of several months, our consultants will be present within your organisation on a daily basis working with your people to ensure that change is actually implemented:
We analyse and improve systems and processes.
We convey our knowledge to employees and management on every level.
We keep track of the results and the effects of changes on a weekly basis.
We develop a customised reporting system.
70% of your investment will have been recouped before the end of the programme.
On average, our involvement produces a high ROI (200% – 300% with min. 150 FTE).


Long-term results! Only then we consider our work a success. We therefore remain involved with your organisation after completion of the process:
Developments remain structurally measurable via a baseline measurement and the customised reporting system.
Accezz offers four half-yearly audits, which are included in the programme.
During the process, we train a number of your employees to follow our approach and techniques in order to stay on track after the programme has been completed