Our people

 Accezz has a thorough selection procedure: we focus on levels of expertise, experience and craftsmanship. We train our consultants in the specific Accezz method, which enables them to implement the necessary improvements in the client’s workplace.


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Martin van der Lee (CEO)

Before I founded Accezz in 2007, I already had some 20 years’ experience of implementing change processes at various organisations across the world. It has always been a dynamic life, filled with new challenges. However, I started to notice that in the years following a programme, changes were not always lasting. It was a growing point of frustration. With Accezz, I sought experienced partners with whom I could actually make successful, high-quality implementation a reality. I have my best moments when a client decides to give us more work after completion of the first programme. That enables us to genuinely build long-term relationships with our clients.

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Danny Suttorp (director)

I am a people-person and change processes are all about people. After all, it’s the client’s management team and the people on the work floor who eventually need to ensure that the improvements we propose at the end of the analysis phase are actually made! And that is not an easy task. Many people do not like change in principle. It is only when the results become apparent that this attitude changes. We are therefore present on the work floor on a daily basis, especially during the first six to nine months of a programme. This approach allows employees throughout the entire organisation to experience the possibilities. It is my job to guide managers and the executive board during this process.