Healthcare director chooses Accezz for the second time!

Guido van de Logt is Chairman of the Executive Board of Livio, a nursing, personal and home-based care institute in Enschede. He worked with Accezz in the past as director of a different healthcare organization. Based on this previous experience, Guido and the Livio management team again opted for Accezz. Clear evidence of a satisfied customer!

Increasing pressure on healthcare providers

Livio is active in the field of care, housing and health. This mainly concerns home-based health care (personal care, nursing and assistance in the home environment), nursing home care and regular healthcare in more sheltered residential accommodations, as well as providing care to people with physical disabilities. As other healthcare providers, however, Livio faces increasing pressure on its financial results, a situation that is expected to further intensify in coming years.

Financial result by looking at the process

As part of their strategy to reduce financial pressure, Livio and Accezz are together improving the quality of care. Does this seem contradictory? Not in the least.

Accezz’s clients are aware that an overall emphasis on quality and a proper insight in the existing situation, show where exactly financial improvements can be obtained. Self-regulation and self-management strategies previously adopted by Livio are important starting points for implementing sustainable improvements.