Accezz streamlines outpatient clinics across several hospitals!

Early June, Accezz started an improvement programme involving the outpatient clinics of three collaborating hospitals. These clinics are the gateway for patient care and thus have a major impact on hospital income. Assuming that about 75 percent of all patients enter a hospital through an outpatient clinic, the approximately 250 FTE staff, consisting of medical secretaries, physician assistants and other ancillary staff, together facilitate a turnover of about €200 million a year.

The key programme objectives include optimising the synchronisation and performance of administrative processes within the outpatient clinics, improving patient safety and boosting efficiency. Reorganising and redesigning existing processes are essential to achieving this. A secondary objective involves increasing the exchange of staff between departments, while developing a more flexible deployment strategy.

In the first six months, Accezz will begin by establishing a basic generic process model involving roles, responsibilities and authority structures. This will be carried out in collaboration with a project group and a special task force, established by the client. The model will take into account each clinic’s specific characteristics. The underlying activities are to be identified for each clinic, along with a reasonable time estimate for each task. Patient numbers will be estimated according to historical trends. Required capacity and management will then be determined and rosters and planning overhauled.

Naturally, all processes will be implemented and embedded within the organisation. After implementation, Accezz will remain involved for some time by providing coaching and one-on-one guidance. Accezz expects that the improvement programme will generate an excellent financial return on investment (well over 300 percent) for the client.