About Accezz

Accezz was founded in 2007 by Martin van der Lee, an experienced business analyst who specialises in the implementation of improvement strategies. With a team of 35 consultants and possessing wide-ranging expertise, we are the Netherlands’ market leader in implementing operational improvements in the workplace. We achieve this by focussing on behaviour changes and spend 80 percent of our time on the work floor guiding and assisting people during the change process. We also train employees to work according to the Accezz method to ensure that results are secured beyond completion of the programme.

What motivates organisations to use Accezz?

Why do organisations such as Deventer Hospital, Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, Rabobank, Praxis, UWV or the Municipality of Amsterdam want to change behaviour on both the work floor and at management level? Perhaps it is due to restructuring, a reorganisation process or a merger. But more often it is because an organisation wants to work towards achieving optimal efficiency and maximum quality to not only improve employees’ workplace enjoyment and reduce costs, but also for the benefit of their customers.

‘Hands-on’ craftsmanship

After we have completed a programme, behaviour change within an organisation is permanent, not least because we spend a minimum of 80 percent of our time in the workplace. No paper tiger but real hands-on craftsmanship at floor level. The results are lasting: increased efficiency, better quality operational processes and a 200 to 300 percent return on investment (ROI).

Mission & vision

We enable teams and management of organizations to perform better through structural behavior change. By Accezz’ implementing power these improved performances are detectable and measurable directly.

Our mission

Accezz enhances team and management performance by implementing structural behaviour change. We are recognised as the implementation partner par excellence.

Our vision

Accezz sets itself apart with its specialist method, where craftsmanship and professionalism take centre stage. We optimise operational processes. How? By far-reaching structural implementation and securing methods such as LEAN (optimising operational processes). In short, LEAN plus Accezz makes change logical, comprehensible and realistic: step by step.

Sharing craftsmanship

Accezz shares its specific knowledge with clients and therefore ensures that the steps are supported and understood. No tricks, but genuine behaviour change on the work floor and tangible results in the books. Moreover, with its proven securing procedures, Accezz ensures that results are lasting.